Rochester Campers

Rochester Campers

Campers for sale in Rochester, NY

So you and your family want to travel this season and you want a nice quality used camper. Well then you found the right campers dealer in Rochester, NY.  At Rochester Campers we try to get our customers the most bang for their buck. We purchase all our units from the top RV Dealers  at local auctions.  Once we get the used campers back to our service department we begin to inspect it and fix any issues found. While at our website, be sure to check our help videos. We will be adding some great information on subjects like, how to repair RV roofs, RV Leaks and other great topics.

As a rather new business at Rochester Campers, we will work even harder to earn your business. We will also strive to provide the  most competitive prices too. There are many campers for sale in Rochester, NY, However, we believe that our used tag along are the best.

Since we are a start up company, we may only have a few campers for sale in Rochester, but, that can be a good thing.  We will browse our competition on sites like RV Trader to insure we have lower prices than other RV Dealers in Rochester.

If your not ready to purchase an RV, Camper, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel, perhaps you can rent one. In our area you can try Cruise America, Perrington RV Rentals.

Many RV dealers can get a huge mark up on their camper inventory. Therefore, you need to do some research before you go to their showroom.  A great place to find used camper prices and their blue book value is at

Tips for the camping world :

We are a camping family and want to bring the joy of camping to others at an affordable price for a travel trailer.  We strive to give each and every person a good quality travel trailer that does not require years and years  of monthly payments.  We will also provide some of our favorite camping spots and how to reserve each location our favorite saying ” summer home”. I would also like to share some ideas on what you want to buy just for the unit so you do not always have to pack and unpack.  Making sure you are ready for a quick weekend trip in less than a hour.

A toaster, coffee maker, crock pot (We camp in the fall great for cooler nights), Kitchen utensils, small portable propane grill(keep extra cans of propane in camper just in case)Umbrella, rain gear(coats, boots, etc), sheets, blankets, pillows extra set of clothes

Campers for sale in Rochesterfor all members of the family, flashlights and lanterns, card table (for outdoors to hold grill toaster, etc), a few extension cords, bungee cords (I bought a whole box at Bj’s for 14.99 never thought I would need them until one time our awning hook snapped and we bungee it to the top and made it home safely until we could get it fixed. You will need matches and or portable butane lighter. This list seems long and expensive but you probably have almost all items in your home already as I did.

We know you have many choice when looking for campers for sale in Rochester, NY and there are of some great RV dealers, but, please consider us at Rochester Campers. Lastly, we now we have recreational vehicle financing for all credit scores.



Although we do our best to accurately describe the units. All Campers are sold As Is and All sales are Final. No Warranty is offered or Implied. Customers are responsible for inspecting the units.